Former Justice Charles Seymore

Alternate Dispute Resolution



Justice Seymore has served as an arbitrator under the Texas General Arbitration Act and the Federal Arbitration Act. Currently, he serves on the Judicial Workplace Arbitrations panel of arbitrators. Justice Seymore will fulfill the promise of arbitration: efficient and fair disposition of disputes with the goal of saving parties time and money.


  • Fairness:  Parties may mutually select and designate the arbitrator. Alternatively, parties may allow a third party to select the arbitrator. The goal in this process is selection of an experienced and competent neutral person.
  • Timeliness:  The arbitration process is much more efficient than civil litigation. Arbitration is less formal and more flexible in terms of discovery and scheduling.
  • Cost:  Arbitration may be conducted without costs of expert witnesses. Also, parties will save time and expense preparing for a final arbitration hearing, instead of a jury trial. Usually, parties split the cost of the arbitrator.
  • Confidentiality:  Parties may agree on the degree of confidentiality of all proceedings.
  • Finality:  If parties arbitrate under the Texas General Arbitration Act, they may agree on the right to appeal errors of law. However, if parties agree to arbitrate under the Federal Arbitration Act, there is a high level of finality in the process.